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Architectural Diagrams
Learn how feeds flow from providers to database.
Our delivery format is the open international standard, SportsML. Consistent, easy to work with, and architected by cooperating sports-savvy engineers from around the world.
We've built an optional content processor that will load SportsML into an open SQL schema called SportsDB. Sample queries and sample pre-populated databases are freely available.

XML Team offers many excellent sources of data feeds to choose from across the sporting spectrum. Our syndicated feeds cover all major North American sports leagues and events, as well as international soccer.

We aggregate these feeds into one format -- SportsML, an open international standard. We then give our clients access to easy-to-use and dependable technologies to get that content powering their applications quickly.

Our clients include major sports media outlets, fantasy game providers, mobile application developers, and professional teams.

Licensing Options

We offer two styles of licensing:

Our Services

XML Team has been distributing and managing feeds for more than a decade. We know the needs of businesses integrating sports data because before there was an XML Team, we worked for other organizations implementing feed solutions. So we took the best practices we learned there and built upon them through the years.

Precision data at the
speed of sports.

Our feed services have options appropriate for everyone, whether you fall in the category of "do-it-yourself" or "we need help".

Feed System API

Our feed API gives you a flexible way to retrieve most recent data ("all data published in the last minute") or specific data ("all NBA boxscores published in the past day"). Clients can write their own software to query this API. Push options are available for select time-sensitive data.


Don't have time or resources to write feed management software? Our FeedFetcher software uses all the best practices learned from years of feed management and integration. It regularly queries the Feed System API for new documents and writes them to a file system for handoff to your application.

FeedFetcherDeluxe (+SportsCaster)

Need your data in a relational database? FeedFetcherDeluxe does everything the Basic version does, plus parses our most used data into an open database schema called SportsDB (available for MySQL, SQL Server or PostgreSQL). At no additional charge is the SportsCaster API, which simplifies common tasks such as document retrieval and scoreboard queries.

Hosted SportsCaster API

We host the database and the FeedFetcherDeluxe software. All you need to do is query our database API for the data you need. The SportsCaster API differs from the Feed System API In that the database has more metadata about a given document or event, which means it is easier to do a query like: "give me only the latest schedule for Team X" or "show me all documents related to Event X".

Turnkey Hosted / Private-Labeled Web Pages

We host an entire website for you, private-labeled in your look-and-feel. Use your own subdomain, so that your readers see our hosted pages as an extension of your own website.

Our Publishers

The Sports Forecaster


XML Team's in-house editorial crew provides player bios, analysis, stats (post-game and archival) and news.

The Forecaster team also maintains industry-leading player portrait libraries for top leagues. Headshot closeups, plus an additional "action portrait", are tagged by Player Identification Code, and easily integrate in your player profile page!


Extensive coverage for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, auto racing, soccer and more.

SDI provides a comprehensive lineup of real-time stats, scores, standings, and schedules and more. They offer live play-by-play and boxscore coverage for all major pro leagues and for most top college football and basketball events. SDI constantly expands its offerings to meet the needs of clients.



Europe-based Infostrada is a worldwide provider of live sports statistics and on-site event coverage and transmission services.


Minor League and Junior Hockey

XML Team carries Leaguestat's minor league and junior hockey updates -- a must for Canadian publishers, and diehard hockey sites around the world.